About Me

“Tell me about yourself.” That’s probably the hardest request for me to answer. And, of course, it’s exactly what this page is about. I think people are like the aisle of paint chips at a supply store. They’re not just one shade – they’re every shade. I can pull out a color I like, even my favorite one (purple – not quite merlot, not quite sultana, but you get the idea), but it’s still just one shade. In the end, that’s not telling you who I am.

I was born in Florida, and still live there to this day. My dream, however, is to see the world. To go everywhere. To try everything. I’m working at that dream by freelance writing. The thought is, if I can get enough clients, I could take my work with me and travel anywhere.

And then, there’s this blog. It would be amazing to be a professional blogger(and I would totally share pictures of my travels, btw 😉 ). But this blog isn’t meant to just make a quick buck. It’s meant to help people. Admittedly, I’m an unusual guy. But that means I’ve gone through a lot of unusual (and not so unusual) problems. Those are things I share here.

One of my biggest problems has been my weight. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been overweight. People made fun of me. I compensated by making fun of myself. But deep down, it ate away at me. If it was a paint swatch, it was fire alarm red. Then I started making changes. I ate better. I actually exercised. Now, for the first time, I can now say I’m at a healthy weight. But I’m not done. I want to show everyone that I’m not what they saw. I want to change my body into something strong, something impressive. If people point, it won’t ever be because of my weight again.

This website is, in many ways, a health and wellness site. What I share is meant to help you become a healthier person. Maybe you’re overweight, like I was. Maybe you’re super skinny. Wherever you are, I want to help you reach your goals. So all share all the tips that have helped me. I’ll share my progress as I keep working. And I’ll share the buttload of research I’ve done(did I mention I’m a nerd?).

There are also a bunch of recipes on this site too. That’s actually a big part of the name: the Veggie Novelist. Now since I’m a vegetarian, everything I cook on here is vegetarian as well. But in case any of you meat eaters are jiving me(there’s a word that’s like three decades older than me), I want you to know that they’re all delicious! Cook one up, see what you think.

It’s my hope that the Veggie Novelist will provide help for everyone out there who wants to improve their health. I also hope it cuts through all the confusion about how to be healthy. This is Nathan, signing off.

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