Three Amazing Buddha Bowl Ideas

Greetings from the Sunshine State! I hope everyone’s had an excellent week – I know I’ve certainly enjoyed mine. First off, I want to thank everyone for their comments on my weight loss story. It’s been a huge struggle for me(and I by no means consider my journey over), so it really is encouraging to hear that other people see the difference too. And hopefully, if you’re struggling with the same problem, my story helps you moving forward. Not to mention, if you have questions, just shoot me a message.

This week I wanted to get back to cooking. Extravagant meals ARE impressive. But, let’s be honest. When you just got home and you’re starving, extravagance isn’t even a consideration. We all want easy, and we all want tasty. And this week’s recipes are certainly both. Buddha bowls are notorious for being made with anything and everything. Their like the sandwich of veggie foods, except you don’t even need bread! Really, the only requirement is an overstuffed bowl (that looks like Buddha’s belly). Today, I’m going to introduce three of my favorite Buddha bowls: the Mexican Breakfast bowl, the Burrito Bowl, and the Berry bowl. They’re all simple meals. So grab a cooking pot, grab a knife, and let’s get started!

The Mexican Breakfast Bowl


478 Calories

26g Protein

16% Daily Iron



2/3 Cup Brown Rice

3 Eggs

1oz. Cheddar Cheese (Shredded)

1/16 Cup Chopped Walnuts

1/2 Lime (Juiced)

1/4 Cup Chopped Cilantro

Pinch of Salt

Pinch Garlic Powder


1/4 Tomato

1/8 Jalapeno

1/4 Red Onion

1/2 Lime (Juiced)

1/8 Cup Chopped Cilantro

Pinch of Salt



1. Put brown rice and 1 1/3 cup water in a medium pot. Bring water to boil, then simmer with pot covered.

2. Dice tomato, jalapeno, onion and chop cilantro. Place them in a seperate bowl, and then juice half a lime into bowl, along with a pinch of salt. Mix ingredients.

3. Crack eggs into a bowl, then whisk well. Bring a pan to medium heat, then add eggs. Stir

occasionally until eggs are cooked and scrambled, then remove from heat. Sprinkle on garlic powder.

4. When rice is chewy, remove from heat and drain excess liquid. Add half a lime’s juice, 1/4 cup cilantro, and a pinch of salt to the rice. Stir together.

5. Put rice in a bowl, followed by the eggs, cheese and salsa. Sprinkle walnuts on top.

6. Enjoy!



Scrambled Eggs: When making scrambled eggs, make sure not to over stir your eggs. Let it sit(just like an omelette) until egg starts to form. Then, occasionally push and scramble the eggs. One final tip. Pull them out just before they’re done, as they’ll continue to cook. I know most everyone can make scrambled eggs, but with these tips, you’ll have the world’s best scrambled eggs!

The Burrito Bowl



– 640 Calories

– 21g Protein


1 Cup Black Beans (Cooked)

1/3 Cup Brown Rice

1/2 Lime (Juiced)

1/4 Cup Cilantro

1 Tsp. Garlic Powder

1/2 Tsp. Paprika

1/2 Salt

Pinch of Cayenne


1 Hass Avocado

1/4 Cup Cilantro

1/4 Red Onion

1 Jalapeno

1/2 Lime (Juiced)

Pinch of Salt


Handful Chopped Onion (garnish)



1. Put brown rice and 2/3 cup water in cooking pot. Bring to boil, then simmer with pot covered.

2. Dice onion and jalapeno, chop cilantro. Cut open and scoop avocado into a bowl, then add the onion, jalapeno, and cilantro. Juice lime half into bowl, add salt, and stir until smooth. Add additional salt, if desired.

3. When rice is chewy, remove from heat and drain excess water. Then add juice from lime half and pinch of salt, if desired.

4. Warm beans in pan on medium heat. Stir in garlic powder, paprika, cayenne, and salt.

5. Put beans, rice, and guacamole in a bowl; serve.



Seasoning: Any seasoning will vary. Depending on the avocado and taste, more or less salt may be needed for the guacamole. If the beans are already seasoned, less seasoning may be required. As always, do what works for you.

The Berry Bowl


384 Calories

29g Protein

25% Daily Calcium


1 Cup Greek Yogurt

1 Cup Sliced Strawberries

1/2 Cup Blackberries

1/2 Cup Blueberries

1/4 Cup Barley

1 Lime (Juiced)

Pinch of Salt

1 Tsp. Honey (Optional)

2 Tsp. Sugar (Optional)



1. Place barley and 3/4 cup water in cooking pot. Bring to boil, then simmer with pot covered. Remove from heat when barley is chewy, and drain excess liquid. Mix lime juice and salt with barley.

2. Mix fruit together. If desired, mix sugar in with fruit.

3. If desired, mix honey in with greek yogurt.

4. Place ingredients in a bowl, and enjoy!

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